We're big believers in the Passion Economy:

"Whereas previously, the biggest online labor marketplaces flattened the individuality of workers, new platforms allow anyone to monetize unique skills." - Li Jin, The Passion Economy and the Future of Work, 10/8/2018

Through curating resources, our goal is to democratize knowledge and empower anyone to uplift creators everywhere.

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Mika Reyes

SPC fellow; ex-PM @ LinkedIn, Kumu.ph; Kleiner Perkins Product fellow; ODF5; Co-founder @ Cognity Labs

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Zack Khan

PM @ Nextdoor; Kleiner Perkins Product fellow; ODF2; Community Builder

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Wall of Love ❤️

🥳 Special thanks to Li Jin, KP, Chris Messina, Janel, Peter Yang, Sheida Mir, Jake Schonberger, Sara Essa and Fawzi Itani for your time, feedback, and support - from sharing resources to donating a domain to hunting us on Product Hunt!